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Resources for 

NH Sector documents that  Coordinators need to read:

Download Neighbourhood House Coordination Program Guidelines 2016–2019 and sector information

Download the Sector framework

Download Neighbourhood House Good Practice Guide

Download the New Coordinator Orientation Guide

For more information about the Neighbourhood House Sector click here to access the Neighbourhood House Victoria website.

Roles & Responsibilities of Committee of Management /Board Members:

Not for Profit Law have developed a range of resources to support Committees of Management of community organisations including Neighbourhood Houses including:

Download Introduction to the Board member role for new board members

Download Board Inductions: Bringing on a new Board member

Download Duties Guide: Guide to the legal duties of  not-for-profit committee members

The Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA):
The Institute of Community Directors Australia provides information, tools and training to support not-for-profit boards, committees, councils, schools, and their staff.

Click here to access the ICDA website.

Leadership Training - Harwood Institute For Public Innovation 
Click on the PDF for more information:

Support for NHs experiencing difficulty:

Neighbourhood House networks play an important role in supporting neighbourhood houses experiencing difficulty. Their role includes identifying houses at risk and providing support at the earliest possible opportunity.

Member NHs are encouraged to contact the RANCH Networkers to arrange a time to discuss and assist with any serious or emerging issues that may impact on the NH’s ability to function.

In conducting this work, RANCH staff:

  • adopt an ethical approach

  • protect member Neighbourhood Houses’ confidentiality so that information is not inappropriately shared with other Network members

  • understand and promote the NH community development model

  • comply with established NH Network policies and procedures, contractual and legislative requirements

  • take a proactive approach to monitoring the wellbeing of Houses

  • consider external and internal factors that may impact upon the wellbeing of Neighbourhood Houses

  • provide advice using relevant, authorised, up to date sources

  • provide advice within the competency range, role and responsibilities of the Network

The Quality Enhancement & Risk Management Matrix:

What it is

  • A guide to clarify roles and responsibilities of parties to the Neighbourhood House Coordination Program (NHCP) and other stakeholders for Neighbourhood Houses that experience difficulty requiring external assistance

  • A tool to help Neighbourhood Houses, Networks and the Department to identify when things are not going well before they get too serious

  • A framework for providing support to Neighbourhood Houses when things aren’t going well

What it isn’t

  • A document for ‘policing’ or ‘punishing’ Neighbourhood Houses

Why do we need it?

  • To provide certainty to Neighbourhood Houses that sometimes get into difficulty about where they can expect to get support

  • To prevent Neighbourhood Houses from becoming unviable, leaving communities without the infrastructure they need

  • To provide consistency in the type and levels of support provided by departmental regional staff

  • Networks are funded to provide governance and management support to Neighbourhood Houses within their Network

You can download a copy of the Quality Enhancement and Risk Management Matrix here

Resources for the Not For Profit Sector:

There are a number of very useful websites sites that provide resources to the Not For Profit (NFP) sector including:

Our Community – Where Not for Profits go for help

Our Community provides free resources, toolkits, templates and information on a broad range of issues that are specific to the needs of NFP organisations like NHs.

In addition, NHs can become members of Our Community and gain considerable discounts on a variety of services offered by Our Community. 

Click here for more information:

Justice Connect (Not For profit Law) 

Justice Connect provides a significant amount of information on compliance with various laws, including the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

Justice Connect also provides useful, relevant training to support Not For Profit organisations including training specifically designed for members of Committees of Management.

Justice Connect can also provide legal advice to Neighbourhood Houses. 

Click here for more information:

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